Annual Report Design

Your annual report is more than bottom line reporting.

Your annual report is an opportunity to tell your story, reinforce your brand and share your vision. It can be a powerful force to inspire and ignite your stakeholders. Out of all the communication material a company produces it is one of the most important, as it positions you to a wide audience and is the perfect opportunity to showcase your company to potential new investors and reinforces your core message with existing stakeholders.

As more emphasis is placed on creative presentation, a well-designed annual report will help your company obtain rapport and communicate your key messages, and reinforce your company vision and goals for the future. Visually appealing data and infographics, are easy to view to also help to tell the story. Here at theroom, we specialise in producing annual reports that are easy to read, build trust, win loyalty and grow brand advocacy between your company and your audience either through print, digital or both, we have the ideas to work with you.

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