Mackay Sugar – Annual Report 2012 – 2015

Over a number of years, theroom developed a recognisable and consistent brand for Mackay Sugar. theroom strengthened these annual reports by focusing on clean presentation of data, and designing reports that were easy to read and understand. The 2014 Mackay Sugar Annual Report built on this, and promised to “build a stronger future.” The annual report design presented the years achievements and setbacks in a clear and transparent manner. Our Roomies worked to visually communicate the company’s desire to remain open and honest with their shareholders.

Leading with a wonderful image of sugarcane photographed from one of Mackay’s own mills, the report employed soft tones and muted textures; shining the spotlight solely on the efforts and struggles of the business. The annual report championed site and staff imagery from each of the Mackay Sugar asset sites across Queensland.

After back-to-back success at the Australasian Reporting Awards achieving bronze awards for 2012, 2013 and silver for 2014, everyone at theroom has hoped that FY2015/16 is a golden year for Mackay Sugar.

theroom has delivered a number of projects for Mackay Sugar:

  • 2012 Annual Report
  • 2013 Annual Report
  • 2014 Annual Report
  • 2015 Annual Report
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    Annual Report Design
  • Client:

    Mackay Sugar

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