Specialty Fashion Group – Annual Report

Specialty Fashion Group is another fresh client in our folio with the completion of the Annual Report project for 2015/2016. Specialty Fashion Group is a fashion giant both in Australia and overseas and we at theroom definitely have a special appreciation for clients in the creative industry.

For this Annual Report, we wanted to create a look that emulated the chic, glamorous look that SFG themselves strive to put forward. With a bold but elegant style, the Annual Report’s simple, clean lines are juxtaposed by flowing cursive and capitalised serif font headings, and highlighted with a warm golden tone throughout. The report focuses largely on SFG’s actions regarding Corporate Social Responsibility, reflecting on their efforts to adopt and maintain responsible, ethical practices in all aspects of their business. The theme ‘Road to Transparency’ has been reflected in the clear, uncomplicated design that allows the reader to easily interpret the content.

We’re extremely motivated by our creative – and most importantly our ethical – clients, and look forward to potential future projects with the Australian fashion giant. We have continued to work closely with Speciality Fashion Group in developing their Annual Report for 2016/17.

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