March 14, 2016 Design, Design tips

Studies have indicated that 93% of all human interaction and communication is nonverbal. Ever wondered how this applies to you and your brand? Here at theroom we are content enthusiasts and have a certain knack for having a message being engaged with and understood- even without saying a word! An infographic can be one way to do this: they have the compelling nature to turn up the captivating and tone down the boring for your marketing. Here are the three reasons you should optimise your messaging with the use of infographics.

It is more appealing to your reader.

Infographics are one method to ensure your information is being read and understood. That is a pretty confident claim, but it’s true. In the communication age we live, whereby a distraction is just a notification away, infographics act as a colourful and enticing read to set your content apart and greatly lesson the boredom that could come with data reporting. Moreover, with studies suggesting as high as 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, the importance to buckle down and deliver a visually appealing read is fundamental.

It is share-worthy.

Ever consider that infographics could be a viable cost-effective marketing strategy? If done correctly, it sure can. With social media rich in image and compelling visuals, infographics can prompt social media users to click the share button and pass it on like a wildfire. Viral posts do not promote uncertainty or hesitation- instead they can promote a strong message and further convey a cohesive and consistent brand identity. In terms of boosting brand awareness, studies have found that photos/ images on Facebook are shared five times more than text. From this, and when done correctly, an infographic can become a permanent linkable asset that maintains importance and can continue being shared for months after being posted online, greatly enhancing SEO practises.

It simplifies the confusing.

Due to the strong visual and graphic design nature of an infographic, it is an irrefutable method to simplify what is often not so simple. Infographics break down ideas and when design is done right, can make understanding and listening to a company’s brand more succinct and easy. Moreover, the art of comparison has become increasingly easy with infographics to draw comparisons and justify marketing directions and decisions- something that is invaluable in annual reports!

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