April 5, 2016 Annual reports

Throwback Tuesdays are a thing, right? Encompassing the innovative spirit of theroom, we’re sure making it a thing! We’ve opened the vaults on one of our favourite projects of the past, which was the 2014 Kids Helpline Insights report.

The report is one of the countries most extensive papers formulated to examine the real issues affecting young Australians. Briefed with the objective to design a document that brought to the foreground what often can struggle to be represented and focused on, which is the voices from children and young people of Australia. Here at theroom, we sought to deliver a deeper understanding on what concerns them today. More broadly, we also sought to increase brand recognition and awareness for Kids Helpline.

theroom was asked to produce a document that would be effective in displaying this data and to educate potential donors and corporate supporters on the core values that Kids Helpline so proudly represents. An emotive tone was treated for this document to reflect the inner child in all of us and through graphic design, managed to represent the child who is reaching out and those who have found help through Kids Helpline. To see the full report visit 

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