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COLOURS! Us Roomies love them. But around the world different colours have different meanings, so take heed when using certain colours as they play a big role in our lives and our emotions like being so angry you saw RED, being GREEN with envy or having the BLUES.

In the Western world colours for example like black are related with death, mourning and formality where in China it symbolizes wealth and good health and in the Middle East symbolises birth and rebirth. Same with white where us westerners relate it generally with weddings and purity, in India if brides wore straight white gowns she is inviting widowhood and unhappiness. In China, Korea and other Asian countries white is the colour of death, bad luck and mourning, definitely not the right message you want to be sending to your groom on your wedding day!

Green can represent soothing, calming, luck, freshness, nature, environmental awareness, health and jealousy where as in Indonesia it represents being forbidden and Mexico use green as its national colour standing for independence, so if you’re GREEN with jealousy maybe step out from behind the trees and rock your independence.

Using the colour RED in western cultures represents excitement, energy, passion, action love, danger and failure whilst also being associated with communism and revolution in countries like Russia and Ukraine. If you were to pair red along with yellow (according to researchers) they are seen as the most appetising colours. So if you’re on a diet we recommend walking around with a blue piece of paper to counteract those cravings, as it’s the most unappetising colour. In Asian cultures red is very important as it symbolises good luck, joy, prosperity, celebration, happiness and long life. It is commonly used as the main colours on special occasions, like weddings or during holidays. Next time you’re so angry you’re seeing RED maybe you’re due for some good luck?

Blue is considered the safest worldwide colour as it has the most representations of positive emotions, like calming, trust, security, immortality, authority, healing and is commonly used as an evil repellence in countries like Greece, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Albania. So don’t always feel like having the blues is a bad thing, turn that frown upside down and smile, you look way better when you smile anyway.

Colours can have effects on us as well, like pink, which is commonly used in prisons and mental health institutions, as it is a palliative colour that suppresses anger and anxiety due to its calming effect. Colours also have effects on our taste, depth perception and in severe cases everyday life for people with Chromophobia, which is an irrational fear of colours, usually linked to a distressing past event with a colour. And one for all the women; there is a gene in the brain which allow us to see the colour red, that gene sits on the X chromosome – women have two X chromosomes and so with the extra copy of this gene this aids women the ability to see the red-orange colour spectrum allowing them to differentiate between close colour ranges.

So you’re not being fussy when it comes to choosing colours it’s just the way you are.


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