August 23, 2016 Social media, Branding

It seems auto-destroying photo and video are not exclusively entitled for the technological-teens-of today, but also in a slightly odd yet pleasant turn of events, the savvy marketer has also found use. With the roll out of Snapchat’s daring ‘chat 2.0’ update causing somewhat of a stir in the digital world with snap happy users worldwide, theroom focus and filter how the popular photo sharing app can work for your business. From its humble inception in 2011 to the social media giant it now is, with an estimated 100 million active daily users, marketers are more closely eyeing off the app as a serious potential marketing tactic and furthering their respective brand identity.


Snapchat offers transparency in the purest sense of the word. It enables a community of avid fans of yours to engage, communicate and listen to your brand in ways that cannot yet be conveyed through conventional social media. Prompted by the casualness of the app, Snapchat is a welcoming platform to reflect your individual culture as a business and portray a more casual sense of your personality while humanise your brand mission.


Snapchat has the added bonus of offering your followers an aspect of exclusivity. While typically campaigning and advertising on social media is reserved for the big guns, with paid advertising costing upwards of $500,000 per day, marketers have cunningly opted out of this figure by creative means. One inspired example is creating a ‘story’ promotion, such as customers saving an image and taking in store to grant them with a discount or an exclusive promotion. The added benefit of this being of course, the time sensitive nature and 24-hour buzz it stems. Admittedly the app is definitely not fitting for every business (however even the White House has found a use for it!), low cost social media engagement is very tempting for all.


Snapchat lets companies get straight down to business. It enables your followers a glimpse behind the fog screen and insight into how you truly operate. Owing to the tech-savvy, younger demographic of the app, they are greatly inclined to opt into social media usage and engage with online buying often, with research finding 76% of Snapchat users having purchased online in the last month. From this, they are an audience readily engaged and influenced by social media and are comfortable with online purchases.

While yet to brace the Snapchat realm due to potential likeliness of addiction, we encourage you to check out our various other social media to connect with us. If your company needs a push in the right direction, check out our social media package.