March 8, 2016 Design

Noticeable particularly in recent years is the shift away from a trendy graphic design into something just a little more usable and accessible for the end user. Of course there are documented instances where a design is still both completely cool and usable, some designs may sacrifice cool for an adopted approach innovated for usability. Similar to years past, 2016 will see design facilitated to enhance the user experience- perfect!

 As a culture we like our designs, whether it be app or web based how we like our coffee and food- fast. This is particularly relevant for ecommerce, with sales dropping a reported 27% when just one second of delay rears its unwanted and unappealing head. Life, or impatience, certainly does imitate art. Sites and applications have mimicked the users inability to literally hold the phone for an extra unnecessary moment and incidentally more and more designs have adopted for methods to enhance speed and engagement. With users spending a scarily long time browsing social media where this is second nature, many almost consider this the norm and dont hesitate to press the panic alarm when met with the realisation it isnt.

 Our purposeful impatience has seen designs scratch the information we are not demanding and further changing to adapt to how we interact with design. The common integration of site navigations/ menus that come and go as we please are further garnering attention from designers in 2016. This hidden menu enables the user to interact with the content and media on the site without having the distraction of a bulbous menu almost signaling the user to navigate away- could this be why we spend so much time on social media?

 While hidden design may be making some momentum in situations, it is slowing down for mobile. Now with mobile phones being the first, and in cases, the last screen a user navigates to, the importance for mobile optimisation is at the forefront of design more than ever before. Gone are the days when certain functions or information was not designed for mobile. With this comes the rise of increased infographics and visually striking stories such as videos to transcend words.

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