Queensland Positive People – Annual Report 2016/17

Building upon the success of last year’s report, the overall design theroom created provides an updated look and feel for Queensland Positive People’s (QPP) 2016–2017 Annual Report. Offering a clean, modern and professional design, the theme of ‘innovation’ is evident and supports QPP’s mission to actively promote self-determination and empowerment for all people living with HIV (PLHIV) throughout Queensland.

The front cover is symbolic of tapestry threads and reflects the diverse range of people who find themselves interwoven with QPP. From clients to peer navigators and staff, each thread represents the individual and their respective journey. Together the threads form a chain, strong and unbreakable much like QPP and its community of support. The use of striking patterns, colours, bold typography and simple iconography featured throughout the report to help capture the attention of audiences and convey QPP’s key messages and data in a way that is easy for audiences to comprehend.

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