Mater Group – Annual Review 2015 – 2016

Mater is a pillar of the Brisbane community, providing quality healthcare and health services to the Brisbane community. Whilst this is theroom‘s first Annual Review for Mater Group, Mater and our Roomies go way back. Our relationship with Mater is a close one, with our work on Mater Young Adult Health Centre Brisbane – logo design and brand development – as well as assorted branding collateral. We’re extremely excited here at theroom to be entrusted with ever more important and rewarding projects with Mater.

The 2015/16 Annual Review for Mater opens by exploring and paying homage to Mater’s rich and extensive heritage, spanning back into the 1800s. This year’s review revolves strongly around the theme of ‘health, education and research’ and so we’ve ensured that the content is laid out in a way that highlights the many and varied aspects of Mater’s research and educational contributions to the Brisbane health system. With soft, calming tones and elements to complement the positive images of Mater’s staff and services in action, the overall Mater Values of ‘Mercy, Dignity, Care, Commitment and Quality’ are emulated throughout the review’s visuals and styling.

We’re looking forward to the future of our friendship with Mater and the new and exciting projects to come.

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    Annual Report Design
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    Mater Group

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