April 8, 2016 Journal

Tell us about your internship at theroom

I have been interning at theroom now for just under four months, gaining the experience and education that despite every recent graduates hopes and aspirations is still not integrated in to a university curriculum. From copywriting, managing social media, to account management, my internship with theroom has granted an invaluable insight into the workings of an agency environment and how the media industry works more broadly.

What do you do on a daily/ weekly basis?

Answering this question after working in an agency environment is difficult because every day really is something different. There is, of course, the constant, which is checking emails and responding accordingly, but the day really can take on various different forms following this. Dependent on what was due out of the studio, generally I would be proofing projects, aiding with administrative duties, greeting clients and providing assistance with anything that I could. Taking on a role as something of a ‘social media manager’ at theroom, my duties were just this- managing social media. This involved regular posting on all platforms you could dream- twitter, Facebook, instagram, LinkedIn. The process would involve sourcing my own creative work on InDesign, and writing content for blogs to be shared. The internship also facilitated a higher understanding of account management, which saw me leading theroom’s first newsletter and writing the entirety of content for this individually. I also assisted with basic SEO functions for the site and helped devised creative strategy for a variety of clients where permitted.

Most valuable thing you’ve learnt?

I think the one thing I learnt that definitely cannot be taught in the confines of a lecture theatre or classroom is the daily ins and outs of what happens in a media agency. From the tight deadlines, to the organised chaos of proofing, to the final deliverance to the client, everything truly was a first for an industry rookie like myself. I learnt the importance of each team member strictly governing their roles and the critical necessity for effective communication by all parties.

More broadly, I have become more confident in my own abilities and have found the direction where I can see a career for myself, which is the greatest personal achievement. I have developed a strong enjoyment for creative work and devising copy, as well as wanting to learn more about SEO practices. I also have managed to apply what I have learnt in theory into a practical setting, which is something that feels surprisingly fantastic when you recognise all those tutorials may just have been worth the 8:30am start on a Monday.

Do you recommend an internship at theroom?

For me, I found interning at theroom to be fun, impactful and a great strategy for finding work in the future. As a recent graduate, you will unfortunately, join the flocks of hundreds of others in the same boat as you with the same university degree. An internship at theroom will provide a platform that can reduce and limit a prospective employers doubts about your experience, and further showcase the skills you have rightfully earned while interning. If you’re interested, visit the careers page to find out more information.