February 3, 2015 Uncategorised

Despite the practice existing for nearly 1000 years, letterpress still proves itself to be an invaluable tool in sharing information – including your business information. More broadly, the business card is often the first representation of your brand prospective stakeholders will be exposed to, so it’s key to have a design that reflects your brand personality and vision.

The craft of letterpress has survived in today’s digital world by lending itself as a tool for┬ádesigners to create innovative, eye-catching designs that convey a tactile timelessness. Business owners and marketers have jumped on the opportunity to fashion business cards that literally stand out from competitors. Not only does this technique create an aesthetically intriguing experience, it also provides a physical connection between consumer and company, allowing a deeper insight into what it is your brand represents.

Here at theroom we not only understand the necessity of communicating your brand identity to consumers, but we appreciate the innumerous tools and techniques which can be used to do this in an inventive, thought-provoking and professional manner. Contact us today for your free consultation to ensure your business card is conveying what it is important to you and your brand.