How to keep your brand consistent across social media

October 30, 2017 Social media

The importance of a social media presence

With Facebook alone having 1.13 billion users daily, it is hard to ignore the power of social media when marketing your brand. Including the vast pool of users to reach, Facebook also uses algorithms to more effectively reach a business’ target demographic. When we bring all other social media platforms into the mix, potential of users seeing our content increases exponentially.

But first it is important to know your demographic. Knowing your demographic helps you recognize what platform is best to allocate time a resources to. For instance, if I ran a business who’s products were make-up, I would allocate a lot of time and resources into creating content for a Pinterest account. Pinterest has 100 million active users and a whopping 71% of those users are female. So not only do we hit a broad and large percentage of our demographic with this one choice, but furthermore Pinterest users spend 50% more on average than users from any other social media platform.

The benefits of consistent branding in social media

Here are just some benefits of having a consistent brand across social media platforms:
• Eliminates confusion
• Differentiates your business from competitors
• Creates professionalism
• Strengthens brand recall
• Develops and maintains one brand personality
• Makes your business recognisable
• Helps cultivate a loyal customer following

Inconsistency across a brand’s social media is just plain confusing, unprofessional and will lead to users using a competitor instead of your services.

How to keep your brand consistent

Keeping your brand consistent is quite simple, and because of its simplicity will probably lead to less work. First of all, consistency is key, conflicting design and messages will confuse customers and discredit your brand. Your content must have similar colour, logos and imagery across all platforms. They should also reflect the design of your website and EDM’s.
One thing that is not to be overlooked in brand consistency is your tone. The tone in which you interact with your users is just as important as visual branding. Never underestimate the power of an authentic tone as shown by Eddie the intern when he took over for unpopular UK rail company ‘Southern Rail’. Eddies light hearted and cheery nature won the hearts of unhappy customers in mid July when he received permission to post “Hi, Eddie here! Here on Work Experience and ready to answer your questions! #AskEddie”.

Some tips to creating good tone on your platform:

• Keep dialogue conversational
• Encourage interaction
• Don’t force it
• A consistent tone enforces authenticity
• If you hashtag, always hashtag. If not, then don’t.
• Be positive and happy