March 8, 2016 Annual reports

In the midst of the chaos that is the month of March, whereby time and resources are seemingly running short, it can be tempting to opt out of professionalism for your annual report design, and settle for the resident word specialist. While still meeting your ASIC requirements following this path, companies run the risk of not capitalising on the unique and individualised opportunity to speak directly to your stakeholders and influence their drive to stay loyal into the next financial year.

A well crafted annual report acts similar to an effective and working website. The report should, and could, demand the attention of the intended audience, deliver the information required, and efficiently reinforce a brand and its identity. theroom produces annual reports that engage your stakeholders with clear communication of key messages whilst reinforcing your brands identity.

theroom has a proven track record and process for producing exceptional annual reports, having produced well over 200 reports in the past 12 years and still going strong. Check out some examples of our work for inspiration for your next report. Alternatively, visit our contact us page to organise your free consultation.