The How’s and Why’s of Responsive Web Design

May 18, 2016 Uncategorised

Having online presence is fundamental in today’s world to spread the word about your business. But just being out there is not enough. The difference between success and failure can be small and significant at the same time.

Incorporating a responsive website is definitely something every business owner should be taking care of. A responsive website means that your website can entirely adapt to every different kind of screen and platform providing an easy reading and navigation experience for the users.

So if your thinking of reviewing this process and simply “how do I start developing a responsive website” we have some tips and recommendations for a great website.

First of all you need to focus on the purpose of it, whom are you talking to and what information you want to provide to them. This element is the one you should keep in mind at all times. If you were on your website would it serve the purpose of why you went onto the site to begin with.

Email-toneThe tone of communication, how are you going to talk to them. We suggest easy-reading headlines, simple sentences and the exact amount of information, this last one is the hardest one. It is really easy to harp on about certain aspects of your business and what you believe is important however look at it from an outsider persecutive at all times. This will help to ensure you still include informative content whilst still being engaging enough for the user to extend interest to contact you to find out more.

The structure of the site is fundamental, if you want your customers or users to stay on your site for a good period of time. Remember it only takes 30 seconds for you to engage with your user or for them to be confused and decide to not proceed through to your site this is where it is important to consider how your information is displayed and the way the elements are placed throughout the website.

Another highly important element to have in mind is the theme of your site, and every other ways of communication you maintain with you audience, either through social media connections and newsletter signups. The key is to have consistency, keep the same typeface, colours and styles. Seek for high quality resolution images and always keep in mind the main goal of your site.

PageLoadTime_MainImage 644x362And last but not least, the loading time. No one want to spend extra time waiting for your site to load, so if you want to keep them as frequent visitors make sure that your site loads fast enough to adapt to nowadays rush.

If you feel that your website is missing some of this elements, or is ready for a wash check out our digital package to help you out achieving your goals. Contact us to get a personalised solution for you.





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