May 27, 2016 Uncategorised

Communicating effectively is fundamental for any business in particular when engaging with creative. As designers we understand that focusing on what our clients really need is the key to deliver the solutions that will be best suited, most of the time it comes down to having the right brief.

If you are following the new season of House Rules on Channel 7, you would of seen in this weeks episode that everything can go exactly in the opposite direction without a clear brief.

What is a creative brief you may ask?  A creative brief is a form that outlines the creative direction and vision of your expectations. This is to simplify the information regarding your overall goal. It should be displayed in a clear and concise manner to make everyone’s job easier and more effective. In this case, below is the House Rule’s contestant brief to their design team.house rules

In this case it was rule number five “No white walls or wallpaper” that the participants took and went as far as possible. Filling the house with as many colours they could find ending up in a sort of kaleidoscope nightmare. We will have to wait to see the final outcome in this Sunday nights episode and how the home owners will respond and react but for what we have seen so far, this will be one very interesting episode.
Of course in this instance being a TV show and competition they do play out a story for good ratings, however this is a great example overall on how a good detailed brief is crucial to achieve more effective and efficient outcomes.

At The Room Design Studio we have developed a 7-step brief in order to obtain as much information as possible to fulfil our clients need that can assist our team achieve the best results and ideas. Feel free to download and utilising this for your next creative project and should you wish to discuss more with one of our team be sure to get in touch.