January 12, 2016 Design

Thanks to the fast advance of technology and the creativity designers explore, people can now choose between dozens of different types of business cards. However, not every type of business card is suitable for all businesses. So, you must take some time and choose the one that suits your business and  brand identity the best. This card must clearly emphasize the things you are offering to your potential clients and/or customers. You must take the level of seriousness into consideration and you also need to think about the business message you are trying to share with the public. We have created a short list of popular styles of business cards. An expert in the field of graphic design won’t have any problems to create an attractive card of any type.

Instead of using the typical style of business cards, many businesses decide to try square business cards. Basically, they are smaller versions of standard cards (2 inches x 2 inches), but this doesn’t mean that they are less effective because they are unique. This is a good way to highlight your creativity and the ability to think outside the box. Since square cards are smaller you need to pay special attention to the content you use and how you will use it. You must use the space wisely.

Standard business cards are still the most popular version of business cards. As you probably know they are rectangular and have relatively sharp corners. If you use the help of any printing agency you will notice that they have a standard price for these cards. Since they have the most experience with this promotional tool and the process of production is relatively easy, the price is lower. Standard cards leave an impression of seriousness, reliability and professionalism. If you are planning hundreds of business cards then this is probably the best option.

Although this is not a common type of business card, there are more and more companies that are interested in this style. The fact is that you can add more information about yourself and your company if you are using fold-over cards. They are usually two times bigger than standard cards (they are like two regular cards joined together).

Round edge
Round edge cards represent a variety of the aforementioned cards. When they are ready for preparation, printing companies use a special machine to round and soften the edges, removing the pointed corners. According to many experts, this move will make your company look more available and closer to your client/customers. In order to get such cards, the price is higher, however the results offer a unique and different point of view for your business.

This is one of the latest types of business cards. More and more companies and individuals are becoming eco-aware and by using this type of cards they are protecting the environment. With the right printing company you can get green cards that look amazing.

With social networking websites inclusive of LinkedIn seemingly blurring the importance of business cards, it is to be noted that the significance of business cards should never be unfriended by the modern day professional. The layout and design of a business card is not just a way to make a tangible connection with your customer/ client base, it is also an opportunity to showcase your brand’s personality. Whether you are seeking classic and always on trend or contemporary edge, the design of a business card can offer just this. Our cutting edge and innovative team at theroom understand your brand and can create a business card that is unique and works for you.