Cheap design can be the most costly thing for your business

June 17, 2016 Uncategorised

Graphic design is a fundamental aspect to any business; it represents the brands identity to people before they have experienced the product or business for themselves. Often the work and effort put into a design and a concept is forgotten, making graphic design a very under-appreciated form of art. For example Fed Ex couriers logo: how many times did you look at their logo before you realised the arrow in between the ‘E’ and ‘X’? Or the ‘31’ in Baskin Robbins logo for its 31 flavours of ice cream?




GOOD design may not always be the prettiest design but is the most effective and relevant to what it is representing. Keeping this in mind lets talk about this new ‘fad’ of crowd sourcing websites offering cheap logos and design. Ever heard of that saying ‘you get what you pay for’? Well these sites are a perfect example of that. You can pay for a cheap logo that may look ‘cool’ or ‘snazzy’ for your business but it will hardly represent effectively your business in the best possible way.

Many of the designers offered on these sights re-use or rip-off other logos already in use by companies or from stock-logo websites and claim them to be their own work. After reading further into these websites a number of these situations were highlighted, where someone had requested a logo and the logo returned to them at first looked original but was actually from an existing company or another designers portfolio with the colour or the text altered on the logo to make it look original. Royalty-free clipart and stock images with the watermark removed are also commonly used, which can hold the risk of copyright infringement. If you manage to get an originally designed logo, they usually contain irrelevant elements and over-used techniques giving off an un-original or generic look (BORING!).

Very surprisingly they openly offer ‘Photoshop work’ where they remove the watermark from stock images so the client doesn’t have to pay for the image and use it as they wish, which doesn’t make much sense as most stock images are at a low-resolution until purchased, also it’s a bit like stealing, again potentially leading to copyright issues. And don’t believe most of the reviews on or for these websites either, as some of these websites have been known and have even been fined for having fake reviews posted for the website and the work being offered by individuals.

Think of these websites like fast food, it may be cheap and satisfy you for 5-10minutes but in the long run it’s not good for you and won’t fill you up like a decent, healthy, well-made meal. So next time you’re looking to get something designed for your business think about if you would like it look like greasy fish and chips, or like a fancy meal.

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