February 23, 2016 Signage

Almost 8 in 10 consumers conducted in a survey claimed they entered a store they had not been to prior purely because the sign caught their eye. Think of how many times you’ve been lured into buying a product or service because the package was quirky and got you interested. We are a generation completely obsessed with signs, packaging and design. theroom count down the top three reasons signs should matter to your business.

It does the job it intends to do.

This may or may not be painfully obvious, but signs can, and do, let prospective consumers know you exist. Customers need to know your brand to consider purchasing your products or services. Signs can convey your products, your location and the benefits your services can provide to your consumer. Moreover, with studies depicting the number of impulse purchases alarmingly high, the sign is evidently fundamental in attracting prospective customers and enticing interest. Not only enticing interest, your sign can act as a way to fit in with your community and surroundings and to match aesthetic standards for your area. If the area you are conducting business has a certain sense of homegrown locality or is considered the trendiest of the trendiest, your sign should coincide with this.

It is functional.

One irrefutable benefit that signage has over other medium is the functionality. Signs can work for a company 24 hours, seven days a week. With other marketing promotions typically limited to time or space, a sign does not have this restraint. Whilst there is an initial outlay price, once this has been catered to, signage is considered one of the most cost effective marketing means of today. It is important to note similar to other marketing promotion they do require revision and may need to be updated irregularly due to weather-inflicted damage, brand changes, and a variety of environmental factors. A sign that looks unprofessional or is in need for an update will not represent your brand how it is intended, or reflect the brand equity you have established.

It enforces your brand equity, vision, and direction.

Signage when done effectively can do the important task of reinforcing branding, a message and a vision for a company. With constant exposure to the sign, it is crucial to craft the sign to work in the most advantageous method. A sign should be designed to effectively convey the promises sought to by your brand, and also showcase a point of differentiation. The sign, however, should typically not be a platform to stray away from consistent branding. It should enable your brand to be enhanced with a clear message that builds upon previous marketing collateral (logo, business cards, uniforms, stationery for example). Your sign should enforce and build upon your brand equity and to have cohesion with words, graphics and your logo that aligns with your marketing mix you already have built.

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