January 14, 2016 Brochure Design

We live in an age where we can personally select and choose to utilise a multitude of media to convey business messages and services. It is definitely no revelation digital advertising is swiftly becoming one of the more popular means to do this, however that is not to discredit print as ineffective or “old news” in an ultimately ever changing media landscape.

The benefits of quality print design are irrefutably desirable, however can be somewhat difficult to master. It can, when done favourably, emphasise the quality of your products, services, your dedication, commitment and credibility. Whether you are a well-established front-runner in the industry, or still attempting to find momentum, internal brochure design can be timely. With much focus on the visual appearance of the brochure (and rightfully so), often times the brand can be misrepresented or not viewed as cohesive, or the content may not be entirely relevant and meaningful. Similarly negative in ways, some businesses may question the importance of designing a brochure when the website can better facilitate and deliver this content. So, why opt in for the brochure?

The simple answer to this is, as humans, we still need to interact visually and have something tangible in our hands. A brochure can do just this.

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when producing a well designed brochure.
1. TEAM UP – Work with your creative team to ensure your expectations – goals and demographic reach are executed
2. BACK TO BRAND – This is where a lot of people go to stray – they see a design they like from another company and want to mimic it for themselves. Whilst inspiration is always encouraged, ensure your style is in full reflect of your corporate brand and other collateral inclusive of website, flyers and stationery. Having something that does not represent your “brand” can look disconnected and unprofessional
3. BALANCE – Have a good flow of images and content
4. IMAGES –  Ensure if you want to use images they are at a high resolution and are owned by you
5. SPACE – Don’t be afraid of a little real estate on a page

If you are looking for experienced professionals in the field of brochure design you can always count on our team at theroom. See more of our samples here and give us a buzz for your free consultation.