February 2, 2016 Branding

It may not be entirely enlightening that one of the fundamental steps in commencing a successful business is deciding on the right name for your brand. First impressions are indeed powerful and can ultimately shape how you are perceived within the industry you conduct business. It is the first thing consumers will become aware of, the first thing employees will know about your company and will quickly shape your success. Have you ever pondered if you made the right choice naming your company? Here at theroom our Roomies have compiled a list of tips to help you win the name game.

Don’t be too descriptive
While temptation may be there to skip the hard yards brainstorming and go straight for the descriptive and obvious, sometimes this isn’t the best idea. Of course this has the added benefit of helping in search marketing and are great for a start up company trying to find it’s footing, however if you’re aiming long term, why settle for the obvious? One brilliant example is Apple and their unexpected leap away from selling… apples? A more open and conceptual name can enable a company to extend past what their name suggests into different avenues, in Apple’s case across computers, mobile phones and music players. It is this brand versatility and easily extendable meaning that can enable a brand to perfectly position in any venture.

Is it available as a URL?
At the forefront of brainstorming should be ensuring your option is viable as a URL. Sites inclusive of GoDaddy, Bluehost or Dreamhost can all be used to check the availability of this. A .com domain is ideally the go-to here, as most typically use this as their default domain. Here at theroom one of our tips is to not discredit compound words- we all know how well it worked for Facebook!

Use a real word
With start up companies finding greater difficulty obtaining a unique URL and trademarks, many tend to bypass these by purposely misspelling, or coining their own word. While success has been undeniably documented on sites inclusive of Reddit and Tumblr, the general consensus at theroom is to tactfully avoid unless you have a stroke of genius (and has been confirmed by outside parties as well). Humans love familiarity and ultimately an edgy non-existent word can make it difficult for customers to firstly pronounce it, but more importantly, remember, recognise and relate to your brand.

Keep it short
The most effective and recognised brand names are typically those shorter in length. Borrowing inspiration from the best of the best, there is definitely some merit in following in the steps of the big guns and avoiding syllables or other special characters. When your customers have to pause and ask whether it’s a “@” or “at” in your brand name, it might be time to reconsider.

Give a hint
When done skillfully, your company/ brand name should allude to the business you do in a clever way. When made painfully obvious, for example Joe’s mowing business, it could be difficult for Joe to effectively transition outside of mowing, into for example, environmental planning and garden design. A tip from theroom is to evoke excitement and buzz around your business with subtlety to the work you do, but ultimately plan for longevity. Choose a suitable name to infer this.

Here at theroom we pride ourselves in creating a strategy that works for you and your brand. If you are having a mind blank or simply have a few questions you would like cleared up, don’t hesitate to contact your skilled roomies who are definitely not strangers to branding. Don’t believe us? Check out our branding portfolio right here.