March 24, 2016 Social media, Industry news

With news of Instagram breaking the hearts (pun intended) of users far and wide with their newly unveiled relevancy over recency news feed approach, our Roomies had to take part in the lunch break gossip. Mimicking app owner Facebook, posts will shift from a chronological ordered approach, to instead, adopt a similar format to your Facebook news feed. The implications this has for your scroll-to-like ratio? Essentially the new update has been objectively targeted to improve your user experience, with at least a reported 70% of content being missed by the regular user. The new update seeks to deliver straight to your fingertips the content you supposedly care about the most with a reduced risk of missing out on it. However in the process of doing just this, the scheduled updates has left small and medium businesses utilising the app slightly fearful.

The new update has great (or awful?) implications for companies kicking off their social media campaigns. Promising to ditch the even playing field agenda currently adopted, the update will deliver to your feed posts from those you’ve engaged with for the longest duration, the content you like/ comment on the regular, and thousands of other factors that will irrefutably be borrowed from Facebook’s algorithm to inconceivable success. What does this mean for companies without the budget of Nike, or the global attention of the Kardashians? To sum it up, it means businesses digging deeper in to their pockets to be seen, much the same as Facebook advertising.

With Instagram’s new update favouring engagement, it means greater necessity for quality content than ever before and a stronger pull to commit to this plan. It means the regularity of posting we are all shamefully guilty of may not be the most cunning tactic to reel in the likes and increase visibility. Yes, you heard right marketers- the quantity versus quality debate is so two thousand and late! In a platform where engagement is more relative than recent, it means good content gets even greater exposure. Similar to twitter which recently fell victim to a case of 2016 algorithm blues, brands have found a longer lifespan in tweets that are engaging for the right reasons, with Instagram expected to follow suit. Content really is king in the new update from Instagram.

Here at theroom we are self-proclaimed and client assured social media pros equipped with a social media package formulated for function.  Contact us to organise your free consultation with our team to devise a unique algorithm fit for your brand identity and engagement. Change doesn’t have to be a bad thing, right?

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