Advantages of refreshing your logo

March 9, 2018 Branding

Sky News, Diet Coke and The Guardian are just some of the BIG names that have embarked upon making the leap to refresh their logos in 2018!

You may wonder what are the advantages for companies with such a reputable brand presence, to undergo a logo refresher when their brand name has such a following?

Firstly, lets consider the overall advantages, below we have listed 5 reasons a logo refresh may be beneficial for your business in keeping up with the ever-changing flux of the world we live in through technology and design trends. Colours, typefaces and general design aesthetics go in and out of style and a company may have out grown and or expanded its overall vision and mission, service offering or business model and just like any change, it is to move forward and to engage.

  1. FORMAT – When undertaking a logo refresh this is a great opportunity to give your logo the correct formats for your future marketing needs. An EPS formatted logo ensures your branding can be adaptable and optimised for mediums such as press advertisements, signage and online advertising.
  2. COLOURS –  The exploration of primary and secondary colour palettes can ensure you have some useful resources to guide you when preparing various media. Ensuring your logo can work in black and white formats, reversed options and backgrounds can prove to be exceptionally useful.
  3. VERSATILITY – Logos need to be able to serve various purposes. Variant versions need to be created to fit particular or predefined spaces. Horizontal, vertical, extended, abbreviated versions, with and without tagline to name a few.
  4. FRESH – They say a new hair do is as good as a holiday and no matter if you designed your original logo yourself or had an experienced designer to execute this, just like anything logos AGE too! Trends change, fonts styles enhance and design style evolve, companies who care and invest in their business update their logo to appear fresh and….
  5. RELEVANT – Your business may have changed over the years just as your competition has. Your overall company model may have also expanded to reach a wider service offering and your current logo is not pertaining your services and the general growth of your business.

If you feel your logo is not properly representing your brand image in any of the above ways, talk to us today to discuss the advantages of a refresh!

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