March 21, 2016 Social media, Branding

The third month has been scoped by our Roomies as one whereby we, as loyal companions of yours, check in with how your faithful New Year’s Resolutions are harmonising with your year. Our team truly believes for every minute spent organising creates an hour of productivity- now that’s something to sing about. Here at theroom we’ve devised the top four tips to help you stay on top of your social media game and how to best manage your social media accounts for the rookies out there.

Posting times.

For social media beginners and even the self proclaimed Facebook pros, it is still pivotal to constantly experiment with the times you share content. Studies have found that user engagement is heightened on Thursday and Friday, with 86% of posts published during the week peaking engagement on these days. Of course depending on business ventures and social media objectives, this is just a guide and can be highly flexible dependent on ones social media calendar. If wanting to heighten shares, data highlights 1PM a prime time to do this, with 3PM also suggested if wanting to get the most clicks. Without paying for analytics, the free Insights tool on Facebook does reveal valuable information surrounding how your page is performing. Our Roomies still do believe, however, testing and finding what is working for you is greater than any statistic you could find on the web!

Keep an updated calendar.

Here at theroom we understand how difficult it can be at times to set a routine, and how much harder it can be to follow through with said routine when it’s set. A calendar organised specifically to manage social media can make prioritising the little things that little bit easier. Whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly (monthly?- you can do better than that!), a social media calendar ensures your posts are planned in advance. It is, however, important to remain flexible where possible and acknowledge the unexpected can arise so you can be equipped to plan around this.

Schedule posts and plan.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Pardon the corny, but this is true. Coinciding with the above tip of planning ahead in advance, we have found that this can greatly reduce the perception that social media is a daily chore. With easily accessible social media features that enable post scheduling in advance, when a social media manager is on top of this, regular posting can be a breeze. It is also beneficial to understand what your objective is through social media. For example, if wanting to share primarily lengthy content, a twitter platform which restricts characters may not be viable. Often over utilising social media can have an adverse affect as well, so it is important to reload and target what’s important for your company.

Stay on trend.

What is #trending? Scoping the web for what’s creating social media buzz is one way to increase traffic to your site. Trending topic hunting is also one way of staying organised and on top of news relevant to your industry and social media audiences.Our Roomies suggest following key industry players and influencers in your arena of work to source inspiration and posting ideas.

theroom have a portfolio of clients over the last ten years that we have systematically helped to find their footing in the industry through formulating their brand identity. We also offer a social media package that sets out to do the hard stuff so you don’t have to. Contact us to organise an individualised approach to your brand and to develop your online presence.

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