3 reasons why your annual report still matters in 2018

February 16, 2018 Uncategorised

With over 15 years of producing annual reports, we often hear rumours of the demise of producing these beautiful and thought out piece of design…. Truth is it’s not dying, it’s only getting started and boy hasn’t it evolved. 

You may ask why do companies still produce annual reports beyond what is a minimum legal requirement? Sure you can just throw your content in a word document with a cover letter featuring a stock image, wack it on your website and call it a day! Or you could look at the companies who invest in this piece of communication as more than just a financial summary; it is a great way to showcase the yearly celebration of your company’s achievements and connect with your stakeholders. The use of colourful easy to interpret infographics enables the reader to instantly engage with your key messages and data for the year.

1. The “Piece De Resistance” of communications

Out of all the communication material a company will produce beside a website it is one that positions you to a wide audience and brings together an opportunity to showcase your company to potential new investors at a wider scale. It also compliments all other pieces of communication your company produces to market and ultimately enhances your brand reputation through a showcase of time records, accomplishments and goals.

2. It’s a GREAT internal resource

An annual report is a great go to resource when it comes to the overall company’s key messages – data, statements and vision. Your investment in time to develop well written content and a selection of high quality images that have been extracted from, on site photo sessions, trade shows, events, presentations and for some charity support through the community. With a go to resource such as your annual report internal departments can leverage and align the overall messages when reaching the wider market in particular through the website and also on social media.

3. Create that opportunity

Creating great rapport with your annual report assists in developing a deeper understanding of what your company does and your positioning in the market place. An annual report can engage with your audience, build trust and set your company apart. It will highlight and imprint your brand, vision and goals for the future with your stakeholders.

theroom loves to develop creative solutions to visualise your data and that BIG idea and strategies to create an effective and driven annual report.

This is what we do and we pride ourselves on doing exceptionally.

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