Kids Helpline

theroom has worked closely with Kids Helpline on a number of corporate brochures and publications. One of the predominant projects this year was the Kids Helpline Insights Report.

This is one of the country’s most extensive papers reflecting into the issues effecting young Australians.

The objective was to create a document to bring to light the voices from children and young people and to develop a deeper understanding on what concerns them today and to overall increase brand recognition and awareness.

theroom was asked to produce a document that would be effective in displaying this data and to educate potential donors and corporate supporters on the core values that Kids Helpline services provide.

An emotive tone was treated for this document to reflect the inner child in all of us, the child who is reaching out and those who have found help through Kids Helpline.

Other collateral produced by theroom for Kids Helpline includes

  • Statistical reports
  • Event invitations
  • Parallax website
  • Infographics
  • Categories:

    Graphic Design
  • Client:

    Kids Helpline

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